New Era of Smart Gadgets

“Our markets will see smart and innovative devices coming from Astrum which will be both unique and affordable in line with our core ideology.”

-  Manoj Kumar Pansari, founder & CMD of Astrum Holdings Ltd.

New Era of Smart Gadgets, Mobility Accessories & IT Peripherals Arrives! than 400+ products to the world,” says Kumar adding that in the last 2-3 years the global accessories market has matured positively for Astrum and the company has registered incremental growth year-on-year.

The global accessories industry is witnessing high growth and trends show it will continue to grow for next few years.” Kumar says, over the last 10 years Astrum has created good bases with its quality with affordable prices in the world. He notes that the acceptance and demand for smart and interactive gadgets is growing and the brand is already well placed in this space. “Astrum is now having dual strategy to capture the growth in Accessories & Smart Gadgets, one grows in existing markets and the second; adds new partners in untapped markets. We will be getting more and more value added and innovative devices for our partners.” Adding Value Kumar says, “Astrum always been recognized for its innovative products in global market and we will continue to our value add in that space.

Our upcoming innovation center will make our position and offering stronger in world. We are looking world to use technology to lead better, healthy and longer life. While we bring that future to world we are also much focused and dedicated that the products and services has to be at affordable prices.”

“We think long term, our production unit, innovation center are part of that global vision. Soon we will be expanding to some of other big world markets. Apart from that Astrum is now growing its marketing and support teams to explore growth in existing markets where we already have market share and value added partners. “Markets will see smart and innovative devices coming from Astrum which will be both unique and affordable. The global accessories market is growing and Astrum is looking to be a key value-added brand,” Kumar concludes. For additional information, please visit