Play, Game, and Groove Anywhere with Astrum SU020


When it comes to enhancing your entertainment experience, Astrum never disappoints. Their latest offering, the Astrum SU020 2.0CH Portable LED Speakers, is here to redefine how you play, game, and groove. With a striking LED RGB light display, USB power, Aux input, in-wire controls, and stereo sound, these speakers are a game-changer.


The SU020's captivating LED RGB light display is its most notable feature. The dynamic lighting provides an additional level of excitement to your environment, whether you're playing video games, watching a movie, or throwing a garden party. A variety of colors and lighting styles are available to fit your preferences and the environment. These speakers are a mobile powerhouse that is made for entertainment. They can be linked to your laptop, a power bank, or any other USB power source to receive power via USB. This implies that you can use them in almost any place, including the vast outdoors and your workstation. They make the ideal travel companion due to their small size and low weight.


Don't be fooled by the SU020's small size; it offers an excellent stereo sound experience. These speakers will immerse you in the action. You can easily change the volume and switch between LED illumination settings with the in-wire controls, which let you concentrate on your game without being distracted. The RGB colors throb in time with the action, and the sound surrounds you as you experience the game.


Bring the party with you wherever you go, and let the Astrum SU020 be your entertainment sidekick. It's time to play, game, and groove like never before! Visit our website today for further details.

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