Your Time, Your Way with the Astrum MT31



With its seamless combination of cutting-edge technology and elegant design, the Astrum MT31 smartwatch welcomes this revolutionary change and gives you the freedom to live life on your own terms.


Our smartwatch is your primary health companion. It continuously monitors your health with features like blood oxygen monitoring, sleep tracking, step counting, and breath training. It makes sure you're always at your best, whether you're an athlete pushing yourself to the edge or someone who is concerned with leading a healthy lifestyle. With real-time weather updates, you can be ready for any forecast. Additionally, the built-in Bluetooth calling capability makes it simple to multitask by allowing you to answer calls directly from your wrist. Set alarms, easily scan business cards, and manage your music with Bluetooth. You require a voice helper. Simply ask! Your smartwatch follows your instructions, which keeps you focused and organized. It also gives you a complete view of your cardiovascular health with monitoring of your blood pressure and continuous heart rate.


Your time is entirely your own when using the Astrum MT31. It is more than simply a watch; it is an extension of who you are, assisting you in making the most of each moment. Experience the wristwear of the future right now in your own time and lifestyle.

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