Experience the Difference

Originating in Latin and with the meaning of vast planets, Astrum represents not only a company name, but also a brand symbol for an "extraordinary experience".

Our pursuit focuses on sustainable and healthy development, oriented to future technologies, encouraging innovation, intelligence and the pursuit of excellence. Smart technology is changing with each passing day, and we will continue to evolve, as always.


Born out of bond between inspiration and connection, we build everything that is functional, cost driven and personal. Quality is our non-compromising obligation. We strive to change minds, touch hearts and move markets. We are iconic. We imagine and know not how to stop. Always exploring, always connecting. We laid our foundation in 2008 and since then we have never looked back. From China/Hongkong in 2009 to covering the major continents including Australia, Hungary, Middle East, USA, South Africa, Europe, our goal is to provide the best products with latest technology at affordable prices to all market segments.


To ensure a global experience with a wide variety of personalized products, for each consumer to enjoy technology based on their specific requirements.


To break the barriers between people and technology with our cutting-edge products in order to bring the world closer together.


Wide Range

We serve more than 1000 Products available online and offline, giving us unrivaled scale to have our brand presence globally.


High Quality

We encompass high quality in all of our products to deliver an exceptional experience to our customers with a long lasting commitment.


Superior Technology

Made with superior technology to revitalise our products into exceptional experiences while using them in the day to day life.


Price Competitive

Wide range of products across different categories with excellent quality at competitive prices to suit your needs.


Every accolade is a testament to our team and culture. We love to celebrate our achievements. They remind us of the contributions we make to society and the pride our employees take to be part of the company Each award we receive is an endorsement of what we have done, and that motivates and drive us to achieve more.

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