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Astrum is a recognised brand globally as it focuses on providing quality products. With a colossus of innovative, intelligent, and sustainable technology, our management has many years of experience with its own branches and distribution partners.  Within a decade, we have broadened our horizon in the global tech industry with branches across countries. We strive in bringing the latest technologies with superlative reasonability.

With the aim of upholding the supply chain vision of “Sharing benefits shouldering risks” we have built an ecosystem of deep synergy with quality suppliers and channels.

Having over 150 core suppliers and our in depth processes and the 'Get it done' attitude, we simply make sure you get the best. 

The process flows as below- 

  • •Order Source 
  • •Factory Inspection of Raw materials. 
  • •Production process with guidance
  •  •Professional Laboratory Testing
  •  •Packaging guidance
  •  •Video Exchanges
  •  •Quality Improvement
  •  •Management of Supply System
  •  •Products source to destination

Why partner with us?

  • •Over 10 years of supply chain management
  • •Technology-oriented, innovative
  • •Leading enterprises in the industry
  • •Over 10 years of brand operation experience.


Join our diverse partnership base.

Partner with us, knowing that your business matters.


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