Wired for Sound, Crafted for Comfort & Quality Resonates


Embark on a sensory journey with Astrum's EB160 Wired 3.5mm Stereo Earphones – a symphony of sound, design, and convenience. These earphones are not only just a gadget; they are an electrifying adventure waiting to be experienced.


Feel the pulse of excellent sound quality as the 10mm dynamic driver takes you on a sonic voyage, delivering enhanced bass and impeccable sound. It's like painting a canvas of immersive audio that resonates with the soul. Answer your calls with a single push – a seamless integration of technology and convenience. The in-line microphone, coupled with a call answer button, transforms communication into an effortless dance. Reject or pick up calls with the touch of a button; control your music with the same grace. 


Let comfort be your companion on this adventure. The angled design of the earbuds ensures a snug fit, a tailor-made experience for your ears. Choose from three sizes of rubber ear tips, each one promising a world of comfort. Say goodbye to tangled troubles with the Tangle-Free Design. Crafted from quality TPE material, the wire becomes a companion, not a hindrance. It is durable and portable, ready for the challenges of prolonged use. It's a technological expedition that defies the chaos of tangled wires.


Become part of a symphony that harmonizes convenience, comfort, and quality. Enhance your audio journey with Astrum, where each note carries an emotion, and every call opens a gateway to endless possibilities. The expedition beckons – dive into the immersive experience of the EB160.

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