Power Up Your Gadgets With Astrum Pro Pd Wall Chargers

Are you constantly traveling and need a reliable as well as fast charger for your device? No worries, check out Astrum Pro PD wall chargers of various power outputs.


Astrum Pro PD20 is a high-speed 20W quick charger with a USB C port to charge your latest device. It is compatible with the latest devices like Samsung, iPhone 12 series, and iPad and provides optimal charging. With advanced multi-protection facilities, you can charge your device anytime and anywhere with no worries. It helps in three times fast charging of devices and provides safety. 


A lightweight and portable charger- Astrum Pro PD35 has many features in it. It has both USB C & USB A with powerful 33W output. Despite the compact size, it does not compromise safety. It comes with built-in overvoltage, short circuit, and overheating protection providing peace of mind while using it. It is also incredibly versatile, thanks to its wide compatibility.


Lastly, Astrum Pro PD70 is a compact and powerful charging solution. With its dual USB C port, it can provide a total output of 65W enough to charge your devices. Additionally, it has a QC18W output port for fast charging. With an inbuilt smart IC, it protects your device from overcharging, overheating and other hazards. Despite the small size, it can charge two devices simultaneously and has wide compatibility.


Overall,  Astrum PD wall chargers are reliable and ultra-speed charging. You can use it anywhere and anytime without any worry about your devices. Experience the difference with Astrum gadgets. Check out our website now.

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