A Reliable Choice for Intel and AMD Processors with Astrum PS480


Discover the Intel and AMD processor-compatible Astrum PS480 power supply. This 350W power supply offers a regulated and silent operation for your PC thanks to its Intel ATX 1.3 standards, 20 + 4-pin split architecture, and extensive protective features.


The Astrum PS480 power supply is the ideal option for supplying power to your computer. This power supply guarantees a dependable and effective operation for your system. The power supply offers compatibility and versatility for a variety of PC setups. This power supply provides the required power and stability to maintain the smooth operation of your system, whether you have an AMD Ryzen CPU or an Intel Core processor. Features a 20 + 4-pin split design power supply interface board, providing versatility and compatibility with various motherboard configurations. This layout makes it possible to connect the power supply safely and guarantees steady power delivery to all of your system's components. 


The Astrum PS480 power supply provides strong safety features with over-current, over-voltage, overload, and short-circuit protection to protect your PC components. Your system will be safe and secure from any potential harm brought on by electrical fluctuations or system faults. Your PC receives regulated power resulting in constant and reliable performance. Additionally, the integrated fan guarantees effective cooling and permits optimum airflow and temperature control. You may experience quiet computing because the fan makes very little noise. 


Overall, with its advanced technologies upgrade your PC with the Astrum PS480 for a superior power supply solution. Check out our website for further details.

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