Enhance Your Efficiency with the Astrum KT210



Launching New technology….


Efficiency and convenience are key to the usage of the keyboard. Introducing a new technology in this innovative tool called Astrum KT210 Slim Keyboard with Touchpad by Astrum for the first time. The Astrum KT210 is the best keyboard solution for increased productivity thanks to its streamlined design, integrated touchpad, wireless, and many more features.


The Astrum KT210 has an ergonomic, sleek form that combines the keyboard and touchpad's capabilities into one seamless piece. Eliminate the clutter of an extra mouse and take advantage of the ease of precise cursor control right at your fingers. It is perfect for use in your workspaces or while traveling thanks to the embedded touchpad, which makes navigating simple. It has one wifi as well as two Bluetooth capabilities for easy connectivity with 3 devices at the same time. You can avoid the headache of repeatedly connecting and detaching wires as it is wireless with Bluetooth connectivity. 


Designed to support a multi-operating system, this versatile keyboard is compatible with a wide range of platforms. Enhance your productivity across different devices and workflows. With multimedia shortcut keys, you can control audio playback, adjust volume, and manage media effortlessly. The keyboard also includes multicolor led backlit and dedicated keys for quick access to commonly used functions, saving you time and effort. Rechargeable batteries are used to power the keyboard, which prevents the need for frequent battery replacements and offers prolonged use on a single charge.


Overall, streamline your workflow, switch between devices effortlessly, and enjoy the convenience of multi-OS support with the Astrum KT210. Elevate your productivity to new heights with this new technology keyboard combo solution.

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