Flexible LED Table Lamp for Optimal Lighting


Want to know about the flexible and stylish LED table lamp? Let’s check out Astrum NL050, a product made to improve your lighting experience. This lamp is the perfect complement to any desk or atmosphere thanks to its adjustable design, eye safety features, rechargeable battery, and excellent reading light capabilities.


A multipurpose device that blends style and usefulness. This light easily fits any desk setting because of its incredibly small and flexible design. It has a battery that can be recharged. Featuring an ultra-slim body with 180-degree bending and a flexible structure. It adds a class to our desk with its high-tech aluminum body. This table lamp ensures optimal eye protection. You can also adjust the intensity of the light, customize the lighting to your preference and protect your eyes from strain. 


Featuring a strong, long-lasting rechargeable battery to enjoy prolonged periods of uninterrupted illumination. Use the bulb wirelessly again after a quick 3-hour recharge. Lastly, the lamp adapts to the environment and provides optimal lighting for nighttime reading.


Overall, Astrum NL050 is a flexible and versatile light solution for your workspace. Now create a comfortable as well as lit environment workspace with our table lamp.

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