On-the-Go Portable Power Station by Astrum PS100



Introducing the Astrum PS100 Portable Power Station—a revolutionary device that revolutionizes on-the-go power solutions for your devices. Boasting a robust 24000mAh battery, an ultra-portable design, extensive compatibility, power delivery capabilities, 88.8Wh total power output, and versatile multiport charging options, the Astrum PS100 is the ultimate companion for fulfilling all your power requirements.


With a 24000mAh battery power, it ensures a steady and long-lasting power supply to your devices. Whether you camping or traveling or on an adventurous trip, this portable power station is your reliable source of energy. It is designed in a compact and lightweight form so that you can carry it easily. The PS100 is made to fulfill your demands for charging a variety of devices. You can charge numerous devices at once with multiple USB ports, a USB-C port, and an AC outlet. With its several charging options, the PS100 has you covered for your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and even small appliances.


Overall, the PS100 makes sure that your gadgets remain charged and ready to use whether you're traveling, camping, or experiencing a power outage. With the Astrum PS100, embrace the independence of portable power and never be without electricity once more. Check out our website for more details.

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