Astrum HT380 - Taking quality to the Next Level with superior technology

Our minds can grasp only so much of the things we see, hear and repeat. But with the cutting-edge advanced technology that we continue to develop, you can now enjoy the premium sound quality with a distinctly designed gadget, launched by Astrum this year.

As a leading Global Consumer Electronics brand, we welcome a new member in the product range, HT380 - Astrum Wireless ANC Over-Ear Hybrid Headset + Mic to its escalating community. Built to offer deep, rich, and engaging sound quality, the wireless headset is equipped with an inbuilt Bluetooth version 5.0, that guarantees a flawless transmission and a high-quality wireless codec that seamlessly connects with the latest smartphones for perfect audio synchronization. 


Comfort on the Go

Designed to be a perfect companion for people on the go, the noise-isolating ear cups mold gently around the ears, and a foldable headband adjusts to fit the shape of the user's head, making it ideal for longer periods of use. Despite its foldable design for maximum portability, it comes with a 3.5mm audio jack and cable, to mold it as per the user's needs.

User-Friendly Built 

Designed to live up to consumer’s expectations, HT380 is equipped with Active Noise Canceling inbuilt microphone with high frequency for you to make and receive hands-free calls from your smart devices. It also supports multi-pairing of two or more devices so you can connect devices like smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, TV, and more at the same time! 


Delivers Rich and Engaging Sound

One can’t talk enough about its ergonomic sound quality, which is readily claimed to be richer, clearer, and more expressive. Be it the music you listen to, the audio-visual content you watch, or your game night with your gaming mates with Astrum’s HT380, it just gets better.

This has been possible due to its High-end 40mm Stereo Sound Drivers that can deliver immersively, Hi-fi deep Bass giving you the pleasure of a wonderful, crisp, powerful sound to let you enjoy the music you love, with rich details and extraordinary clarity.

 In a nutshell, the thumping bass-delivering 40-mm large-aperture drivers are the reason for a deep, powerful, and crisp sound. For added advantage, it delivers up to 10 hours of playtime,  ensuring that nothing hinders your entertainment time.


Associated Features

  • BT 5.0 for stable wireless connectivity

  • Active digital noise canceling (ANC) headphone

  • Built-in hidden mic for calls

  • Up to 10 hours of playtime

  • Foldable design for maximized portability

  • 40mm sound drivers for quality bass and clarity

  • Aux-in port for wired or wireless function

  • Fully chargeable in 2 hours


Key Takeaway

The headset has been designed to meet customer satisfaction and achieve the best when it comes to sound quality. Each gadget is developed with the joint efforts of people with expertise in various fields, working harmoniously together to provide the best-in-class experience to its users regardless of the intention they’re using it for. This has been able to allow us to do what we love best- using technology in countless ways to ease people’s standard of life. With HT380, we hope to deliver the finest sound quality and an astounding user experience to the consumer and shall continue to strive for excellence in the consumer electronics industry.


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