Never Run Out Of Power: Charge Your Gadget With Astrum Pro Go Chargers


If you are someone who travels frequently by car, then an Astrum car charger is a must-have device for you. This ultra-fast charger ensures that your device is always powered up when needed. We have a variety of car chargers for you to decide.


Astrum Pro Go PD20 is a 20W output device capable of charging two devices simultaneously. The charger comes with equipped power delivery allowing it to automatically detect and deliver the optimal amount of power to the connected device. The charger is equipped with built-in overvoltage, short circuit, and overheating protection that ensures the safety of the device. 


Astrum Pro Go PD40 is a  38W ultra-fast charging device that is also capable of charging two devices simultaneously. The charger has an inbuilt multi-protect smart microchip that protects your devices. With a high-quality, fireproof shell it can ensure the device's safety. It is highly compatible with the latest iPhone series, Samsung, and other Android devices. Lastly, the sleek and pocket-size compact device is easy to carry anywhere while traveling.


Astrum Pro Go PD85 has an 83W blazing speed charging that supports iPhones and Macbooks for a quick charge. With its inbuilt smart microchip and fireproof shell, it ensures the safety of the devices. The charger is highly compatible as well as has a dual charging facility.


Astrum Pro Go PD100 is a 102W ultra-speed charger with multiple ports available. It has an exclusive microchip inbuilt for protection as well as a premium fireproof shell. With its extended charging of a 1.8m long cable, anybody can charge their devices comfortably sitting on the back seat as well. 


Overall, you can get any Astrum car charger according to your needs.. A portable car charger for fast, safe, and reliable charging is an excellent choice. Check out our website now and make your travel more easy and fun.

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