Revamp Your Audio Experience with Astrum BT120 Bluetooth receiver


Do you wish to upgrade your audio system on a budget? Introducing the Astrum BT120 Bluetooth Receiver, a powerful and adaptable gadget that can easily convert your wired audio setup to a wireless one. Prepare to transform your audio experience with this little, handy Bluetooth receiver. 


With the Astrum BT120, you can turn any wired audio system into a wireless one. It is a wireless Bluetooth receiver adapter. It uses the most recent Bluetooth V5.0 technology to provide a steady and flawless connection for both calls and music. The 3.5mm audio stereo connection offers a tonne of flexibility. A broad variety of wired stereo equipment, such as speakers, automobile audio systems, headphones, and more, can be connected to the receiver using this feature. Never be concerned about running out of battery life while on a call or listening to music. With its long-lasting rechargeable battery, you can play music continuously for up to 10 hours. Additionally, the built-in answer button makes it simple to accept or decline calls while driving, delivering a convenient and safe hands-free experience.


Upgrade to this compact and versatile Bluetooth receiver today and immerse yourself in a world of wireless audio bliss. To know more, visit our website!

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