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The ownership of the site and agreement to terms of use

These terms of use and conditions apply to Astrum website, www.astrumstore.com. The website is associated with all the other Astrum related subsidiaries and affiliates only of the Astrum Holding Limited sites around Hong Kong. This is an electronic document record which terms under the act information technology act 2000 and is applicable with various provisions pertaining to electronic research.

When you are using this site if you agree with the terms of use which means will be able to use the website and if you disagree you do not use the website. It is the sole right of Astrum that they can modify, change, remove and the discretion of these terms of use at any point of time whenever required. Responsibility of the user to check the terms of use periodically as it keeps on changing. If you comply with the terms of use Astrum Holding Limited give you the personal non transferable limited privilege and to enter use the website.

1. Content

All the contents artwork computer code logon sound music visual interfaces used in interfaces text graphics but not limited to design structure selection expression coordination and the arrangement of the content on the site is owned and licensed to Astrum and protected by copyright patent and trademark laws.

2. Use of the Site

You may not attempt to deploy playing robot spider page scrap for use any automatic device program algorithm on methodology manual process to access copy your monitor and proportion of the site or any content. Astrum reserves the right to bar any such activity. No unauthorized access is allowed in terms of use of the website.

3. Purchase and others Terms and conditions

There are certain additional terms and conditions applicable for the purchase of goods or services featured on the Site. Astrum obligates in regard to products and services solely governed by the agreements put forward and provided and thus no one has the right to alter anything to alter such agreements constructed.

It is the sole right of Astrum to make changes to products and services provided on the site in regard to prices of the products and services may be out of date. Thus it has the right to make no commitment on updating any of the materials on the Site provided.

4. Accounts, Security and Passwords

Your Astrum I'd , account or profile information and password is secured and confidential. unauthorized use of your account or password or any breach of the security you have a right to to notify about the same immediately. If you fail to do so you will be liable for the losses incurred by Astrum Holding Limited or the other user or visitor to the site or the person who is using your Astrum ID password or account and has failed to keep its information security and confidential. Astrum is not liable for any damage or loss that happens when you fail to comply with these above-mentioned obligations.

5. Privacy

Astrum's privacy is determined and applies to the use of the Site and are also a Part of these Terms of Use. To get more details on the privacy policy then click the link here .

6. Links to other Astrum Sites

This website might have various links to other independent third party websites which are so lonely as convenience to our visitors. Astrum Holding Limited does not control what is responsible for inducing the content of such link sites including the materials information provided on the link sites. Your own independent judgement in regards to interaction with these links sites.

7. Disclaimers

Astrum Holding Limited does not promise any of the content services feature of this site as error-free or uninterrupted that are also with defects will be corrected and that you use of the site will be provided with specific results. Astrum does not take the liability of the documents that you download from the site that it may also contain viruses or contamination of destructive features. The warranties expressed or implied including any warranty of accuracy, non-infringement merchant ability and fitness for a particular purpose are all disclaimed by Astrum.

8. Limitation of Liability

If any of the atoms use indirect sequential incident still or ex plainer re for unity of damages including loss of profit Astrum has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Also related to Indemnity you have the right to claim for expenses if any of the above terms are Prohibited by the Astrum.

10. Violation of terms of use mentioned

Estimate the right to disclose all the information which we have that it is necessary in connection with any investigation of complaint regarding to the use of the site or identify bring legal action or contact someone who may be causing injury to the person or interference either intentionally or unintentionally it is the right of Astrum with the rights of property of visitors and uses of the sides including customers.

11. Governing Law; Dispute Resolution

Agree that all the matters related to the axis of the use of the site should be governed by the laws of Hong Kong and the law of the state of Hong Kong in regards to conflicts of law provisions.

12. Void where Prohibited

Active admin administers and operates the website from its location in Hong Kong and has administered and operated various locations outside Hong Kong as it is accessible worldwide not all features and production services discussed offered are available at the site on for all persons from all the graphical locations or ore available for the use outside Hong Kong Astrum Holding Limited has the the right to limit its sole discretion in provision of product services features or to any person or geographic area.

13. Miscellaneous

Astrum match the right to held you by a court or tribunal of competent jurisdiction of cuboid or unforeseeable export of any content or copy of adaptation of any such content of products or services label on the site and if such violation happens laws or regulations including without limitation of Hong Kong export laws and regulations will be initiated against the user of the site.

14. Feedback and Information

To get the latest feedback and details about the confidential details and information on an unrestricted.

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