BT040 | A85004-B
Usb Bluetooth Receiver Adapter, V5.0, Support Bluetooth Data And Audio Devices For Pc

Seamless Wireless Connection
Built with the latest bluetooth technology, it converts non-bluetooth computers and laptops to bluetooth enabled instantly.

Super Tiny
Nano-sized sleek design and ultra-portable just plug into the USB port of your devices, especially laptops, and travel with ease.

Connect Your Devices
Link your computer or laptop to your bluetooth smartphones, tablets, wireless printers, headsets, speakers, and much more.

Plug & Play
Easy to connect and use, purely plug and play with no extra software needed, just plug in a start using at the same time.

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Nano bluetooth V4.0 USB dongle, up to 20 meter transmission range, give bluetooth connectivity to computers and laptops without bluetooth. Plug and play.

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