| A53555-B
Sh550 Car Mobile Holder/fm Modulator B

3 in 1 Multi-Function
Multifunctional mobile phone holder, car charger, and FM modulator gives a firm grip to your smartphones. Provides 5V 1A output to charge up your devices while on the move.

Inbuilt FM Modulator
The inbuilt FM modulator helps stream music or your favorite FM radio stations directly from your vehicle audio system so you enjoy music and programs on the go.

Sturdy Lightweight Grip
Made of durable ABS shell material optimized for the perfect holding of mobile devices, the top, and bottom silicone grip provides a firm grip to your mobile devices.

360° Flex Rotateable Neck
Flexible and adjustable rotation for 360 degrees provides a versatile viewing angle to view your phone's screen from a variety of directions.

Versatile Compatibility
The versatile expandable clamp can hold up to 4" to 6.3" smartphones and mobiles, with universal compatibility with both iPhones and Android smartphones.

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Safe versatile car mobile holder with FM modulator and 1A USB charger for smart phone charging. Hold your smartphone while you charge on the go.

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