SC170 | A63017-B
Sc170 Sports Camera 170' 1/2.7 1080p Wif

UHD Sports Action Camera
1.5-inch ultra-clear LTPS LCD display with 1080 pixels HD resolution, capturing every one of your sporting activities in high definition.

Rugged Waterproof Housing
30mm tough waterproof casing for the camera enables surfing, swimming, snowboarding, and any sporting activity effortlessly without damaging the camera.

Real-Time Recording
Record HD videos or take pictures and share in real-time via the App and inbuilt wifi, or connect the HDMI port to an HDTV to view on high resolution.

Wide Angled Camera
12MP 170° superwide angle glass lens for delivery of high-quality digital images, extremely suitable for travel photography.

Full Professional Accessories Kit
Fully suited for any sporting activity it comes with free accessories such as handle/pole/helmet mounts, clips, bandages, adhesives lens clothes, and more.

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Capture your moves on your sporting action. Full HD sports camera 1080p resolution, 170 degree wide angle, 1.5 inch LCD display, multi-mount kit, App and Wifi.

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