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Astrum Holdings Limited is a Hong Kong based manufacturer of IT accessories and consumer electronic goods.

It has its subsidiaries in South Africa, China, Australia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Fiji, and Hungary . The company has research and development offices in Shenzhen. It is worldwide known for its breakthrough technology in providing technically authentic sound peripherals.

The company is running its operation in eighteen countries and is establishing its subsidiary offices throughout the world. 

Astrum develops and markets audio equipment, laptop accessories, computer components, cables and connectors, game controllers, other smart accessories, cell-phone accessories, batteries and chargers, smart devices, and robotics solutions.

Staying on the cusp of technology has allowed us to do what we love best: using technology in countless ways to ease people’s life.

Astrum is the Latin word for Star .


Astrum was founded in 2010 by Mr. Manoj Kumar Pansari and he has been the Chairman of Astrum since. 

Since its inception, the company has strive to expand  its services worldwide.

The company opened its first research and development office in Shenzhen in 2010. And won the Asia Business Achiever Award in 2017 for our  efforts .

Astrum received three other awards at the 10th edition of the DT Awards in 2019. We received the awards for Best Quality Portable Speakers brand 2019, Best Range of Quality Power Bank, and Fastest growing Smart Devices Brand.

Astrum received also the Mobility Accessories Special award for Best Make in India Brand in 2019.


The Astrum production  is carried out through various manufacturing units in Hong Kong, India and China. Since the research and development are carried out in Shenzhen, which contributes to new products.

Astrum established its manufacturing facility in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. Which expands to over 16,000sqm. This facility will also be responsible for various R&D for the existing products and new products.

Astrum Product Line

Category : Audio, Smart, Power, Connect, Computing, & On-Wheels

Audio : In this category we have the Wired and Wireless headphones, Wired and Wireless earphones, Portable speakers, Home speakers and TWS.

Smart: All wearables, Health & Fitness Devices, Tablets, Sports Camera, Air Purifier, Home automation, and Interactive devices between human and the vehicles. In short, all devices that support an APP

Power: We have the Power Banks, Travel Chargers, Mobile Chargers, Wireless Chargers and laptop Chargers.

Connect: For this category we have Mobile Charge & Sync Cables, Audio cables, Display Cables, Networking Cables, Adapters and converters

Computing: They are Astrum Keyboards, Mouse, Keyboard & Mouse Combo sets, Monitor, SMPS, Cabinet, HDD Enclosures, Networking products, Game Controllers and other Peripherals
“In Other peripherals we have items as USB Hubs, Card Readers, Scanners, UPS, etc.

On-Wheels: Dashcams, Car jump Starter, Car Chargers, Car Mobile Holders and FM Transmitters.

We also have products that are non-categorized as Printer Toner, Laptop Batteries, Computer cases, etc.

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