CW510 - Astrum Car Air Vent Mobile Holder Magnetic Wireless Charger 15W

Astrum Car mobile holder magnetic wireless 15 W charger comes with
a car AC vent holder, and a strong magnetic core to enhance coil alignment, fast induction, less power loss & efficient charging.
Compatible with iPhone 12 series and other enabled wireless charge devices.
Provide overcharging, over current, over-voltage, and short circuit multi-protection.

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Product Details

  • Magnetic wireless car charger for iPhone 12 series.
    USB-C 15W magnetic car wireless charger.
    Compatible with wireless charging enable device.
    Fast, efficient, reliable & strong holder.
    Support power output of 15W/ 10W/ 7.5W/ 5W Smart technology for safe & speed charging.
    Built-in multi-protections is safe for all devices.
    Transmission distance of 5mm & charging efficiency of 80%.
    Aluminum metal body for lightweight design
    Power combination ideally designed for latest Apple iPhone 12 & Android phones.
    Compact size, car AC vent holder, with strong magnetic core to enhance coil alignment & fast induction, less power loss & efficient charging.
    Charge any wireless charging enabled device with magnetic surface for better grip.
    Protect from any accidental damage while on charge, even when on move.
    Charging support for tablets, handheld consoles, earphones & more.
    Latest iPhones & Android phones are fast-charging enabled.
    Protection from short-circuit, over-heating, over-voltage, automatic load detection, electrostatic protection.