CW500 - Astrum Magnetic Wireless Charger 15W

Magnetic wireless charger designed for iPhone 12 series. Type-C 15W magnetic wireless charger delivers an output of 9V-1.67A, 9V-1.12A, 5V-1A. Max output 15W, with transferring distance of 5mm. It comes with a 1.5m cable. Compact size, with a strong magnetic core to enhance coil alignment, fast induction, less power loss & efficient charging. Aluminium metal body for lightweight design and ease of portability.

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Product Details

  • Magnetic wireless charger for iPhone 12 series.
    USB-C 15W magnetic wireless charger.
    Compatible with wireless charging enable device.
    Fast, efficient and reliable.
    Support power output of 15W/ 10W/ 7.5W/ 5W.
    Smart technology for safe & speed charging.
    Built-in multi-protections is safe for all devices.
    Transmission distance of 5mm & charging efficiency of 80%
    Aluminum metal body for lightweight design.
    Power combination ideally designed for latest Apple iPhone 12 & Android phones.
    Compact size, with strong magnetic core to enhance coil alignment & fast induction, less power loss & efficient charging.
    Charge any wireless charging enabled device with magnetic surface for better grip.
    Protect from any accidental damage while on charge.
    Charging support for tablets, handheld consoles, earphones & more.
    Latest iPhones & Android phones are fast-charging enabled.
    Protection from short-circuit, over-heating, over-voltage, automatic load detection, electrostatic protection.