New ST250 Media Review

New ST250 Media Review

ST250 Bluetooth Speaker With Clock Digital Media Reviews

Astrum's New ST250 all-in-1 versatile bluetooth speaker is your perfect bedside companion. Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes and sizes, with varying price ranges to suit different budgets. Many speakers offer built-in batteries, making it easier to move them around without dragging along bulky power adapters and cables.

The new ST250 has recently received a variety of reviews based on its reliability, quality and appearance. The high multifunctional speaker with loud, clear sound has received a large amount of attention, especially in India, due to its high-quality sound with a 10W Output. It had been stated that Astrum is ‘one of the leading ‘New Technology’ brands’. It is evident that Astrum had been stated as such, considering that the balance the speaker holds between the highs, lows, mids and bass in vocals and along with it, a frequency response of 60Hz to 18kHZ. Apart from the appealing aesthetics of the ST250, the speaker provides a sturdy and solid construction, making it durable.

The usability is also simple and effective. Through just a touch on the command option, the speaker instantly responds. Not only is the ST250 touch controlled, the customised speaker has an astonishing touch light night function in low light. Due to the speakers integrated Bluetooth connectivity, it is conveniently built to connect to a compatible device to play music and control the device from a range up to 10m. Additionally, with the support of TF card space ranging from 128Mb to 32GB, the speaker can play your music from memory cards including an SD card and TF card.

Considering the innovative shift Astrum has made, it is leaving a true legacy with new and creative ideas to cater for custom consumer needs. Visit these links for more information:

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