• Press Release

    Press Release

    Astrum India set to launch ‘Made in India’ products this month in Audio category. Aims towards improving production capacities for the Indian market and later for exports. Read More

    10/04/2019 Home 169
  • Gifts India International 2019

    Gifts India International 2019

    GIFTS INDIA INTERNATIONAL is the largest and the most popular exhibition on Corporate, Promotional & Festival Gifts. The exhibition offers different endowments and rewards...Read More

    09/04/2019 Home 265
  • Save the Amazon

    Save the Amazon

    Blazes have been torching the Amazon for over a month at a stretch. The future of this world's largest rain forest is in jeopardy. It's high time that we should come together and do somethingRead More

    08/30/2019 Home 179
  • DT Awards 2019

    DT Awards 2019

    Mumbai, 22nd July 2019: Astrum, one of the leading New Technology brands, known for its innovation and intelligence solutions, has recently won three awards at the 10th Edition of DT awards 2019. Read More

    07/31/2019 Home 159
  • KL560 Online Media Review

    KL560 Online Media Review

    Astrum introduces the LED gaming keyboard ‘KL560’, a rainbow backlight colors. Now you can add rainbow colors toRead More

    05/22/2019 Home 329
  • NCN Innovative Products Award

    Astrum is always proud to receive an award but this time it's special. NCN (National Computrade News) a prestigious channel magazine in India since 1999 has recognized your favorite brand Astrum with 2 awards Read More

    05/22/2019 Home 296
  • Newspaper Interview With C.E.O.

    Newspaper Interview With C.E.O.

    SME World newspaper conducts an email interview with Mr. Manoj Kumar Pansari, Chairman and Managing Director (CMD), of Astrum on October 2018 edition of the tabloid...Read More

    10/22/2018 Home 830
  • Global Excellence Awards 2018

    Global Excellence Awards 2018

    We are once again honored to be proud recipients of the "Most Promising Electronic Brand in Hong Kong" for the year in the Electronics Category at the Global Excellence Awards...Read More

    10/22/2018 Home 676
  • SW300 Watch Media Review

    SW300 Watch Media Review

    Astrum enters the wearable segment as it launched the smartwatch SW300 which multi-functions as a smart device when synchronized...Read More

    10/05/2018 Home 1013
  • TM155 Online Media Coverage

    TM155 Online Media Coverage

    To celebrate any festival, the most important thing that anyone needs is a sound system to set the party mood and bring the charm. Read More

    09/26/2018 Home 273
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