Consumer Electronics Company, ASTRUM, Partners with TOJOY for European Expansion



Jul. 25, 2021, 10:00 PM

BEIJING, July 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, Astrum, a leading global consumer electronics and smart device company headquartered in Hong Kong, signed a cooperation agreement with China-based global business accelerator TOJOY to expand its business across Europe. TOJOY's European office will act as Astrum's strategic expansion partner and master distributor for the whole Europe.

The market for connected smart devices is booming worldwide. The development of 5G, and increasing possibilities for connected consumer electronics, wearables, and IoT products are expected to continue to grow faster than ever.

According to economic reports, the global smart device industry reached over 1.86 trillion USD in 2020, with China's IoT sector alone topping 0.6 trillion USD in 2020.

Astrum manufactures a wide range of consumer electronics and smart devices that improve customer's work, entertainment, and personal life experiences. Astrum currently sells products in fourteen countries around the world.

"As a leading smart device company, Astrum offers the best in cutting-edge IoT technology," said Astrum founder and CEO Manoj Kumar Pansari. "We are very pleased to partner with TOJOY to realize our company's global strategy, including entering the lucrative European market. Astrum provides today's users with easy-to-use, practical wearables, consumer electronics, and smart devices."

Astrum's product suite includes audio equipment, esports gear such as gaming mouses, power charging and connection equipment, wearable devices, cameras, and more. The company also plans to launch a series of new IoT offerings.

TOJOY provides various services for growing companies, including marketing development, import and regulatory processing, certification assistance, designing and purchasing new packaging, advice on online marketing strategy, and increasing digital sales channels.

TOJOY empowers companies from a variety of industries through its global offices.

"TOJOY is an acceleration platform for innovative enterprises and empowering high-quality products from China and around the world to enter and expand across Europe, the Middle East, and other regions," said TOJOY Europe CEO Richard Burton. "With our creativity, passion and innovative thinking, we have full confidence in the development of companies such as Astrum in the European market."

With the continuous development of Sino-European economic and trade relations, TOJOY Europe will continue to provide services for companies from China and other countries as they enter and expand in the European market.

TOJOY Europe is now entertaining inquiries for more information on Astrum products from interested distributors across the Europe region.