Asia’s Most Valuable Brand Awards 2021

A Big Bravo to Astrum Team and Partners for the

Asia’s Most Valuable Brand Awards 2021

Even during the tough time where the pandemic is affecting the business world, yet we came out proudly with another award

Astrum Holdings Limited once again felicitated as the Asia’s Most Valuable Brand (AMVB), 2021 at the awards hosted by Myth Focus, which is one of the most widely recognized Business Awards across the Asia Pacific region.

Apart of being one of the leaders in IT & Mobile accessories, Astrum is thriving in the smart accessories (all gadgets using App) industry as well, while trying to create a niche in this segment, because the future is “smart”. Today we use our smart devices for – work, play, shopping, entertainment, exercise, health check, etc. For almost everything.

From the feature phone and wrist watches of the late 2000s to today’s smart phone and smart watches, wearable technology has dramatically evolved in these years. Now, wearables, as they’re known, are changing the way consumers interact with their environment.


 Wearable technology is like a hallmark of the “Internet of Things”.


Astrum Management Team has always aimed at creating innovation in technology and running with the trends that follow. The company has always focused on building value for the customers and improving customer satisfaction by providing and maintaining quality at a decent price. Astrum has always work toward the goal, to break down the barriers between people & technology. Maintaining the principle of creating one’s own roadmaps, the reason we attributed as one of the industry leaders. Astrum’s growth internationally over a period of 12 years in 40+ countries are only due to the hard work of its team.


In an interview at the ABFA Award ceremony,

The CMD quoted” Since Astrum is providing the life hold items for daily use and as we see that the technology is moving towards “Smart” Astrum is developing new products using the smart technology. Which is convenient for many products, to help in our life, where it is becoming user friendly for use in the daily and day to day tasks. Also, customer satisfaction is most important for a brand and Astrum is following this strategy where we can provide full satisfaction to the customers.

When a customer purchases an Astrum products he can feel that its value for money.

We also have our hotline, WhatsApp and email to cater for a hassle-free supports and services.